Best Online Dispensary Canada

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Best Online Dispensary Canada

Goldbuds provides the freshest buds from the most reputable producers in BC and Victoria Island. We source from seed to bud, making certain that only the best plants are selected for our menu . Dispensaries in Canada do not sell cannabis. 

Best Online Dispensary Canada

Goldbuds provides the freshest buds from the most reputable producers in BC and Victoria Island. We source from seed to bud, making certain that only the best plants are selected for our menu . Dispensaries in Canada do not sell cannabis. 

Edibles Canada

Quality of Cannabis Products

We are able to provide our customers with the best online cannabis products. In this way, Goldbuds strives to be the best online dispensary Canada and coupled with free shipping for orders over $150 we provide top quality service for customers and an unmatched shopping experience.

best online dispensary Canada

There are lots of mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada, Some with high quality and many with low quality cannabis. Being able to find one online dispensary you trust can be a difficult and time consuming deal.

User ratings are good, Looking at product reviews can help show you how others have viewed their purchases from their mail order marijuana dispensary and appreciated it enough to leave a online review.

Goldbuds Has Been One Of The Most Trusted Online Dispensaries In Canada for 10+ Years

We have been providing cannabis are early as 2011 when the best online dispensaries were just starting. Having storefront mail order marijuana dispensaries is where we started, In Vancouver. When everything transitioned to online we brought our Bc Bud growers on board to provide the best weed online in Canada.

Which Products Are Best For You

As part of our commitment to customer service as an online dispensary,We strive to be the best online dispensary Canada by offering two things, Best products, Best service and weed deals online.

Canada weed

We offer the best quality of products and services to ensure your satisfaction, Feel free to reach out if you have any customer service or cannabis products when you order weed online. Our staff are trained well on all questions or concerns you may have.

We understand it can be overwhelming when you buy weed online and concentrates edibles. There are lots of options to chose from and spending +$100 on a new company can be stressful. The online dispensary in Canada you should chose from will be one you that carries products, quality cannabis strains that you specifically enjoy, As we all have our favourite types of cannabis.

Reliable Payment Options

The issue of finding an online dispensary that accepts crypto payments is that they can be subject to fraud and ripping customers off as they cant be traced, Since there are few companies that do not do so. Canadians have always preferred and used E Transfer as the most safe online payment method when ordering mail order marijuana.

Security & Privacy

You can count on us to keep your personal information confidential and secure when you buy cannabis from us. Clients can count on our around the clock security. Mail order marijuana mom stores across Canada like to keep private emails and customer data for spammy emails. We do not do this.

Online weed dispensary

Buying From Online dispensary Vs Storefronts

Quality marijuana strains is not a priority in-stores of this type, As they are more about the show and the look of the product. Online dispensary businesses have to rely on getting the top quality to be the best online. Online the quality is what people are interested in, Not the packaging of the weed. Mail order marijuana businesses provides the best online as their products are constantly being reviewed by customers. Simply looking at reviews is all you need to do to see what others are saying about your favourite product.

Mail Order Marijuana Stores

Many have part time employees that turn over as fast as a Mc Donalds. Not exactly the best option for customers wanting to find the best cannabis products. Goldbuds team has been in the online dispensary niche for 10+ years and our managers are here to answer questions about strains or cannabis products that you may have.

Vapes Canada

Online Dispensary Stores

Online mail order marijuana stores have been popular for Canadians for around 10 years. Being the easiest way to access high quality cannabis products dispensaries in Canada have always been held to a high standard. Being the best online choice for customers its has proven to be a time tested way to buy weed online.

Mail Order Marijuana Purchasing

There are many benefits to shopping for the best online dispensary Canada leader Goldbuds. Choosing the right product requires you to compare dozens of different brands and strains based on your preferences and needs. A product can also be reviewed below for more information before you buy it. Reputable companies always disclose the source of where their cannabis products are grown or produced. 

Edibles and Weed Online

Goldbuds customers find their favourite type of edibles are gummies and chocolates. This can be a great match as they can be discovered in a variety of kinds that we carry online. As a result of their size, they usually ship fast and their prices are very competitive since they are produced in bulk.

Online dispensaries in Canada are your best choice for edible purchasing as they have large selections in comparisons to store fronts. Most online dispensary companies carry 20+ edibles products where as your average store front carries 5-10.

Vapes and Online Marijuana Dispensary Products

There are also many different vape products available with your favourite online dispensary, Including many indica strains that are great for relaxation. In terms of quality, the prices are reasonable.


History Of the Online Dispensaries In Canada

 It has only been since the advent of the .com era that people have begun purchasing marijuana online. Around 2008, cannabis-related products like edibles, concentrates, indica and hybrid strains were on the rise in spite of Canada being a legalizing country.

The First Dispensaries

Online marijuana dispensaries began popping up as early as 2005. Only medicinal patients could use the cannabis products as long as they provided proof of illness and need. Customers were not offered Express shipping and fast parcels, and postal delivery was riskier and took longer to receive.

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