What Is Indica Shatter?

Shattered glass consists of what? An 85%-95% THC blend of flower and shatter, this cannabis hybrid is capable of producing both highs and lows. Because of its glass-like appearance and brittle texture, shatter weed concentrate is sometimes referred to as “glass weed”. Cannabis concentrates are commonly consumed in Canada. Various medical purposes can be served by it and it has a variety of benefits.

How Does It Get Made?
To make it, you can use any marijuana material, including flowers and trimmings. Cannabis raw is heated and compressed to separate cannabinoids from it. The debris from the plants is then vacuumed up.

How Is Shatter Different?
Despite its various textures, colors, and shapes, shatter online is made in the same way as other extracts. Shattered cannabis concentrates may be considered the purest due to their shimmery appearance. In order for shatter to be useful, certain steps during production must be handled correctly, such as extraction and vacuum purging.

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