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Moon rocks are just as it sounds, Moon rocks are a bud of your favorite indica, sativa or hybrid strain dipped in honey oil and covered in delicious THC powder.

Coming in a large variety of flavours some of the favourite ones are strawberry, pina colada, and blueberry. A golden, green, or brown candy nugget will resemble the finished product. These can’t be dug up!

There is also a misconception that moon rocks weed is a very potent strain of cannabis. This is incorrect, Moon rocks are handmade with love from thc honey oil, kief and cannabis. Through Goldbuds online dispensary, you can easily and affordably buy moon rocks.

Moon rocks myths
Moonrocks, as many claim, are the strongest weed on the entire globe. Perhaps the strongest one in the galaxy and all surrounding moons. What is the potency of moon rock weed? The answer is Lots. Cannabis in Canada, on average, has a THC content of 25-29%.

Moonrocks recipe
Any strain will do, so long as it’s high quality. The Pina Colada and Strawberry Moonrock flavours are popular if you dip it in honey oil and roll it in kief powder. To smoke moon rocks, a bong or a pipe is best. Rolling joints is a bit sticky and difficult with moon rocks.

With Goldbuds, you can find products that you might like
With us, you can buy marijuana online with confidence. Besides offering moon rocks for sale, we offer you the best products and services related to cannabis. We encourage you to contact us at any time if you have any questions about your moon rock purchase or any other product you have purchased.

Cannabis can be hard to purchase online, we understand. There are many options available when purchasing cannabis products. At Goldbuds, we will help you with your purchases regardless of the cannabis product.

Moonrocks, From a store or online?
Moon rocks are often found for sale at a few storefronts that only carry a few products. The entire menu is available at Goldbuds. Making it easier to buy-moonrocks-online, You can choose from all of the available flavours and pre rolls. There are only a few varieties of moon rocks available in many stores, and the prices are very high.

While Moon Rocks look nice, it doesn’t matter how they are packaged as much as the quality of the product. Customer feedback is constant in the best marijuana companies online. You can find more information about your favourite products online by reading reviews.

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