Live Resin Canada

Being one of the most popular forms of cannabis extracts this process is for consumers who love the taste of their products. Often with lots of terpenes to produce a strong taste.

Live Rosin

Rosin is simple. Unlike other concentrates, the production of live rosin does not use chemical solvents. Compared to frozen flowers, live rosin contains more terpenes and is even more dynamic. Monoterpenes present in fresh cannabis flowers are preserved. As a result of freezing, the metabolic processes involved in degrading plant material are halted. You can freeze a fresh cut of meat when you get home, just like a fresh cut of meat from the grocery store.

Hash Rosin Canada

Hash Rosin is simple as well. Hash Rosin Canada is produced without chemical solvents, unlike other concentrates. Hash rosin that is live is more dynamic and contains more terpenes than shatter. Hash that is fresh is preserved for its monoterpenes. Hash rosin is the same process as Live Rosin except with hash instead of flower.

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