Buy Pre Rolls Online Canada


Buy Pre Rolls Online Canada

Buying pre rolls online from Goldbuds is a great option. Many of our top cannabis strains are available in pre rolled joints. Also we carry Moonrock joints, One of the strongest pre rolls online.

Goldbuds Cannabis

All of our flower is grown in BC and on Victoria Island by some of Canadas top growers. Grown with the best vitamins and nutrients and never any harmful chemicals. Premium flower is only what we believe in when selling online, We only believe in brining the best products to customers.

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Our Loyalty Statement

Goldbuds has been around for 10+ years. Helping Canadians buy pre rolls online Canada with medicinal and recreational weed since day 1. Any questions feel free to reach out and ask us!

buy pre rolls online Canada

What Makes High Quality Pre Rolled Joints


Using premium marijuana flowers when making pre rolled joints is the basis of a good pre roll. Using high quality indica or sativa crucial.


Having a properly packed pre rolled joint is important, Having a uniform roll and pack is what makes a pre rolls burn correctly.


The paper used for pre rolled joints is very important, As it can be the difference between a poor tasting joint and a nice tasty smooth burning joint.


Often overlooked when rolling, Adding extra cannabis products like hash, oil, shatter, kief can make a joint become much stronger and sometimes taste a lot better.

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When you put products in the cart and order from Goldbuds it is an easy process, Simply browse the online shop menu and search for your products you would like and have them sent directly to your door.

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