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Buy Pre Rolls Online

A great option for pre-rolls is to purchase them online through Goldbuds. Pre-rolled joints are available in many of our top cannabis strains when you buy pre rolls online.


We grow all of our flowers in British Columbia and on Victoria Island by some of Canada’s best growers. Nutritious and grown without harmful chemicals.

Our online flower store focuses on bringing all customers the best products, the best flower in the market, the best flower on the market.


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Founded over a decade ago, Goldbuds is a long-standing business. Providing medicinal and recreational weed online to Canadians since day one. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Buy pre rolls online


With the online shop menu, you can easily order Goldbuds products online in Canada when you buy pre rolls online. We send direct to you whatever you choose just search indica, hybrid or sativa based items then put the products in the cart while you browse our premium quality cannabis.

First Blunt: How To Do It? 

A blunt is a common way to smoke weed. “Blunts” refer to tobacco or cigar wrappers that contain a larger, fatter joint. In addition to this, they tend to last longer and have stronger effects than marijuana on its own, which makes them an extremely appealing product.

Those of you wanting to learn about how to roll a blunt may be curious about what these added effects are – both on paper as well as in practice. 

Tobacco wraps hollowed out by burrowing bunnies are common. Nicotine and flavors are infused into tobacco wraps to enhance blunt smoking. Smoking a blunt will provide a small buzz and a sense of physical energy because it is similar to spliffs, which are wrapped in paper and are made of a mix of cannabis and tobacco. 

Due to this purely tobacco-related effect, blunts are well-liked. The cigarillo wraps used to wrap blunts are used to add flavour to them. It enhances the flavour of the blunt as well as obscures its aroma when it is smoked with that flavour. 

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Pre Rolled Blunts

Machines are used to load and roll the pre-rolls, not by hand. Trim is a blend of cannabis leaves and buds that is used for pre-rolls. Depending on the user’s preferences, it can be rolled in blunts, joints, cones, or any other similar shape.

You can expect to feel the full effects of the pre-roll within 30 minutes to 2 hours after smoking it, depending on its filling. Depending on one’s tolerance level, an individual can take many hits before he or she experiences the full high.

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Pre Rolled Weed

By purchasing pre-rolls, you always know what you’re going to get. Rather than receiving a joint you aren’t sure what’s inside, goldbuds’ pre-rolls are completely transparent, so you know what you’re getting.

Additionally, you can experiment with different combinations and strains. The pre-rolls we offer can be customized to meet your needs by selecting different blends and mixtures. A good quality pre-roll can be disposed of easily, can save time, and can be easily used.

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