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Buy Shatter Online Canada

Goldbuds is the best place to buy shatter online Canada, If you want to buy the best concentrates in Indica, Sativa or Hybrid you have come to the right place. Being able to order online is easy as putting products in the cart. Shipping is free for orders over $150.

Buy Shatter At Goldbuds

Finding high quality concentrates in Canada is a task when you buy shatter online Canada, Finding a reliable source is even harder at times. Goldbuds help assist you with this, Being one of the most reliable online dispensaries in Canada we can help you with all your needs with potent extracts. Delivery across Canada is what we specialize

Prices for shatter range, They can be $20.00 a gram or $30.00 a gram. Depending on quality or potency. Sometimes being used for medical purposes. When you shop with Goldbuds we can guarantee we have the most competitive prices.


Shatter In Canada

The clearest and most potent shatter is clear and transparent, You can see right through it. When you buy shatter online there is many types of categories, wax, resin, rosin.

If you looking for a vape pen to dab your concentrates we have those as well.

buy shatter online Canada

Compared to other concentrates, how is shatter different?

The creation of shatter follows an identical production process to other extracts, despite the varying textures, consistency, and colours very different from extraction of CBD. 

Shatter is often regarded as the purest and highest form of cannabis concentrate, at least in part due to its shimmery appearance. 


Shatter may not turn out as desired if specific elements are mishandled during production, for example during extraction and vacuum purging. Translucency of shatter can be compromised even by poor storage. There are other factors that can affect shatter production as well.

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