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Organic Living Soil & Your Bud

Recently we got our hands on some sticky, dank, yummy organic cannabis grown with live soil! Some of the most delicious weed grows in live soil. Making it a real craft and a preferred growing method for the chronic connoisseurs. This technique is very popular with long time growers, all-natural, synthetic-free, living and breathing cannabis cultivation at its best. What is living soil and why is it important to you. Well because you are what you blaze, and you… Read More...
Purely Med

History of Purely Medicinal

Purely Medicinal is one of the top names in the cannabis industry, supplying Canadian-made, medicinal cannabis products. Recognized by the 2015 Canadian Cannabis Awards as the winner of the Top Oral Extracts Producer Award in 2015, Purely Medicinal is committed to raising Canadian industry standards in medicinal cannabis products. The company was founded in Nanaimo, British Columbia, in 2011. Since then, it has set itself apart as one of the finest standardized medical cannabis extraction and concentrate producers. From oils,… Read More...
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