THC Gummies Canada

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THC Gummies Canada

The second most popular way of consuming cannabis is by ingesting it, The most popular forms are usually sweet and candies. Gummies, Chocolates, Baked Goods and many more. Goldbuds online dispensary provides you with a reliable consistent selection of products. 

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Strength and Knowing Correct Dosing

Knowing how much THC to consume is important when taking edibles. The rule of thumb for new consumers is start with 10-30 mg THC wait 30 minutes and consume more. More seasoned smokers can consume more. 500mg THC gummies can be great for a heavy smoker. 

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Ease Of Use

THC gummies and edibles are easy to consume at any time and often much healthier to consume than having to smoke bud. Smoking has harmful effects on the body and lungs. Edible gummies make the process easier by being able to be administered in a clean easy fun way. 

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