Weed Gummies Canada

The online dispensary trusted by Canadians for years is Goldbuds, When you search weed gummies Canada Goldbuds is your best source.


As well as ingestion, marijuana can also be ingested in the form of sweets and candies. In addition to Gummies, we also sell chocolates and baked goods. We have a great selection of products here at Goldbuds online dispensary. 

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Producing your own

On the go or being relaxed at home, Being able to consume cannabis anytime you wish. Tinctures can be used to make your own edibles. Adding your own amounts of THC or CBD to any baked good or even smoothies.

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Take edibles with the correct amount of THC. Beginners are advised to start with 10-30 mg of THC and wait 30 minutes before consuming. The longer a smoker has been smoking, the more cannabis he or she can consume. Those who smoke heavily may benefit from THC gummies containing 500mg. 

weed gummies Canada


Consuming Goldbuds THC edibles and gummies has many benefits over smoking cannabis. The negative effects of smoking are well documented. As they can be easily administered, edible gummies are easier to eat. 

Gummies Canada

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