Ignis Extractions – OG Ghost Train – Live Resin – 1g


Ignis Extractions – OG Ghost Train – Live Resin – 1g

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11 reviews for "Ignis Extractions – OG Ghost Train – Live Resin – 1g"

  1. Brittany:

    I did two hits of this stuff and was almost instantly high . Will certainly be ordering this one again!

  2. Domonique:

    One word…….


  3. Heidi:

    One of the best live resin I’ve had, a little goes a long way. Powerful adaptable high, great for relaxing or getting things done. Definitely a go to.

  4. Dustin:

    Best live resin I’ve tried so far 🙂 has a beautiful sweet smell to it

  5. Kimberley:

    Great quality

  6. Dan:

    This live resin is a treat. Very nice rushy buzz. Interesting taste. I bought 2 and reordered 6.

  7. Kevin:

    Fuct me up! smooth, great taste and nice comfortable high.
    . HIGHLY recommend

  8. tiffany:

    Not sure why all the good reviews. I bought 2 ignis live resins. Had a few dabs out of each and i didnt enjoy either of them.. off harsh taste. They look amazing but have little to no smell and what i do smell smells like chemicals. In my opinion stay away from the ignis and stick to the goldbuds house live! Much more enjoyable!! And not a waste of money like this stuff is

  9. Jeff:

    Great for daytime

  10. beauprepatrick:

    Really liked this one really looked good and smell amazing

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