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The Origins of the Super Pink Strain

Super Pink is a strain of cannabis that has recently swept through the medical and recreational marijuana industry. But what is it? Where did it come from? And when did it become popular? Find out all of these answers and more in this article for the origins of this highly popular strain! The origins of the super pink strain are a mystery. It was first discovered in 1977 on a coffee plantation in Kenya, but no one knows where these plants came from. What we do know is that these plants grow wild from the equator to the arctic circle, meaning there’s been some pretty intense handiwork in terms of natural selection and adaptation going on! It’s been a dry summer, so it was only natural that the pot industry would see a surge in fresh new weed. With over 400 different strains released this year alone, there are some strange ones to be found. Here are just a few of the latest releases from 2017.

What is Super Pink Strain?

The Super Pink Strain is a hybrid strain created by a Seattle-based cannabis breeder named Jayden. This strain was bred using the L.A. Confidential and Strawberry Cough strains, which are both sativas, with one of these strains being an indica and the other an indica/sativa hybrid. Super Pink Strain is a hybrid strain of indica and sativa that produces a powerful cerebral high. This strain has an average THC concentration of 17 percent and a CBD concentration of 2.2 percent, making it perfect for relieving stress, muscle spasms and pain relief. To answer this question, we first need to take a trip back in time. We’re going to search for the origins of Super Pink Strain on the internet. To make your journey easier, feel free to use my favorite tool- Google.

The History of Super Pink Strain

The Super Pink Strain first appeared in the late 1960s. It was originally called the ‘Nicotine Express’ because it was a strain that made you feel energetic and euphoric. The original strain came from Miami, Florida. The super pink strain was developed by a guy in the Netherlands in 2009. He took his female plant, put it on a special type of light, and kept her in a box with no air flow while she grew into a hefty bud. When he harvested her, he found that her buds were now insanely huge and had an intense color. The reason for this could be because of the lack of oxygen during cultivation and feeding that the plant received.

What Makes Super Pink Strain Special

Super Pink Strain was originally bred by Helios Genetics in the Netherlands. It is a cross between Geisha, Super Skunk and Skunk#1. The strain produces uplifting effects and very strong relaxing highs. Super Pink Strain’s genetics made it a must-have for growers looking for a strain that yields excellent results in terms of high THC content and low CBD content. While the exact origins of Super Pink Strain are unknown, it is believed that this strain was created either in Amsterdam or Los Angeles. It has a 60:40 Indica:Sativa ratio and produces high yields with average flowering times. The strain is known for its flavour, smell, and buzz.

The Risks of Super Pink Strain

Super Pink was first discovered in a grow-op in the UK. The strain quickly made its way to Europe and has been typically found in Amsterdam, but has also been found in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Super Pink Strain, also known as Super Kush or Kryptonite, is a high THC variety of cannabis. It is usually stronger than strains like Blueberry or Girl Scout Cookies. It sometimes causes paranoia and anxiety. The Super Pink Strain is a very special marijuana strain that is one of the main strains that falls under sativa’s category. It was created by a Dutch breeder who wanted to create something unique and new, and he ended up with this strain which has coloration in the flowers because its genetics are from Amsterdam. The Super Pink Strain has an amazing taste and smell, is uplifting and spiritual, but it can also make you feel sleepy if you use too much at once.


The super pink strain created a buzz in the cannabis community. It was tasty, potent, and packed a punch. It came from the Nuwaupian tribe of Brazil and was used as a celebratory drink from ancient times to modern. The strain is now bred by many people, but it’s not always easy to find. The super pink strain is the result of crossbreeding the famous OG kush with various strains like Blue Dream and Bubba Kush. Red hairs, lots of crystals, and a musty smell are some of the features that make this bud truly unique. The taste is also sweet like honey which makes it very appealing to beginners. The high is energetic, uplifting, and feels great in both body and mind.

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