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3 Best online Hash Resellers

Here is a list of the 7 best hash online in Canada based on popularity (search statistics), Buy hash online figures, and my personal experiences. Back when I was 19 and Black Hash was the only cannabis product available in Ottawa, I was a hash guru. The knives were blazing hot every day! We will get to it quick and soft style by ranking the top seven hashs on the market and then reviewing the best hash MOMs you can… Read More...

What is Hash? FAQ

Hash has been around for centuries yet many people still have questions about exactly what hash is, its effects, and how it’s made. We’re here to answer some of those questions. What is Hash? Hash, or hashish is a concentrated form of cannabis made through extracting trichomes (crystals) from dried marijuana flowers. Depending on how the trichomes are extracted, the resulting products can look and feel very differently. For example, bubble hash is made by freezing trichomes off with ice water, resulting in a product that… Read More...
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