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3 Best online Hash Resellers

Here is a list of the 7 best hash online in Canada based on popularity (search statistics), Buy hash online figures, and my personal experiences. Back when I was 19 and Black Hash was the only cannabis product available in Ottawa, I was a hash guru. The knives were blazing hot every day!

We will get to it quick and soft style by ranking the top seven hashs on the market and then reviewing the best hash MOMs you can find hash for sale Canada and where the hash was derived from. Last but not least, I’ll even provide in-depth information on the hash types on the list so you know where to buy it online in Canada.

Canada’s 7 Best Hash Types

On top of the search statistics, my own experience, and the hash online sales figures, the Hash is among the best with respect to quality and purity. Both imported and made domestic hashish are also the best. The most potent and tasty products I have eaten lately were made in British Columbia. This is a list of other sources of materials.

  1. Real Bubble Hash 
  2. Moroccan Hash
  3. Lebanese Black Hash
  4. Afghani Hash
  5. Mazar-i-Sharif Hash
  6. Nepalese Hash
  7. Camel Hash

The Best Hash MOM Canada

You need to know the best hash MOMs in Canada to buy the best hash online Canada (MOM is Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary). Among the top seven cannabis strains on the list, all were collected from the following online dispensaries:

  1. Goldbuds
  2. Speed leaf
  3. Calgary Weed Delivery

The Best Hash in Canada

The information about the top 7 hash products is detailed below with complete details on hash prices, quality, where to buy on the internet, and current promotions.

1) Bubble Hash

Lindsay OG is a traditional strain of old school hash. It has a spicy, pungent smell and taste. These hash has a perfect crumbly texture for use in joints or as hash in your favorite pipe. In addition to the content of THC, this is also more potent than most hash.

2) Moroccan Hash

Moroccan hash has been popular with Canadian smokers since the 1970s, and is widely used across the country. The crystal is obtained from the purified stalked resin glands known as trichomes in cannabis plants. A classic hard hash with a mild, soft aroma and taste, this Moroccan hash is great for smokers.

3) Lebanese Black Hash

What person does not love Lebanese hash, top-shelf and fantastic? Goldbuds has it, it’s the real deal. There is a light, sticky consistency to this black hash which makes it easy to fluff up for your pipe or your joint. The taste profile and strong Indica-like effects are of the same flavor as well.

4) Afghani Hash

Afghanistan is the home of a large production of hashish. Kabani Hash comes from the northern provinces – Hindu Kush to the border with Russia – and is regarded as one of the best kinds. It is nice and pliable to smoke, and Goldbuds has imported its Afghani Hash smokes with a calming high that makes you feel like taking a nap somewhere out in the mountains tucked away in the Kush.

5) Mazar-i-Sharif Hash

Certainly worth a spot on our best hash list, this is another popular hash in Canada. From Herb Approach, Mazar-I-Sharif Imported Hash is made from a strain known for its sedative quality, which will make you feel good during those rainy days! The product has a soft texture and crumbles easily with not much heat needed. It’s a good addition to the Hindu Kush mountain regions.

6) Nepalese Hash

It’s a Tibetan Temple Hash from Herb Approach that I haven’t tried yet. I can certainly tell you that you will hear many of my old school friends talking about it so much that I am jealous of them. Having scanned the stats on online sales, it’s right on par with Bubble Hash, Moroccan Hash and heaviest hash, impressive! However, I did not sample it myself, so I ranked it sixth. If you have any experience with Nepalese Hash and want to share your experiences with me, then please leave a comment below.

7) Lebanese Blonde Camel Hash

Keeping at least 7 grams of this hash handy all the time is one of my favorite kinds of hash, and this is a personal pic. The Camel Hash was average quality, rather than AAAA; however, it hit you hard, it tasted and smoked great like good hash should, and since it was relatively cheap, the price was also very reasonable. Cannas buds that have been dried in a cycle and ground down to a fine powder are used to make Camel Hash. A sample of the bud preparation is then aged inside of bags for up to 6 months followed by hand pressing into the finished slabs in the photograph.


It can be difficult to determine which type of hash is the best in Canada, especially with so many wonderful types available on the market today. My top 7 hash quality list helps in this regard. A quality hash type can sometimes have additives or flavors you don’t like. There are times when you just don’t know who to trust. All the hash recommendations available through Goldbuds Canada, AKA – Hash Moms, are from verified online dispensaries.

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