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Best Weed Strains For Sex, Best Strains For Female Arousal

What Are The Best Strains For Sex and For Female Arousal?

Over time it should come as no surprise that many stoners have used the powerful qualities of marijuana to enhance their sex life, we use it for just about everything else including day to day activities, meals and much more so why not bring some marijuana into your bedroom to spice up your sex life? In this article we will be providing you some insight on how marijuana can spice up your sex life and some of the best strains and products you can use to improve your sex life.


Arousal is a cognitive behaviour that involves the psychological and physiological states of an individual. Regardless of gender arousal is an erotic stimulus that can be generated internally or externally. Arousal is an anomaly that is absent in normal circumstances. Arousals are triggered by a combination of physiological activities as increased blood flow, pupil dilation, and increased heartbeat. Psychological perceptions for arousals vary from person to person and gender to gender. Arousal is a processing of acquiring an urge for physical pleasure. In simple words, arousal is being turned on with the desire of physical interaction that may or may not lead to sexual engagement. 

It is a commonly known fact amongst stoners that indica strains are some of the best strains when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom, if you are looking to learn more about two powerful indica strains and which one we think is best check out our Purple Kush VS Purple God review!

The Human Brain and Strains:

The brain is the central processing unit of human anatomy like other stimuli brain also triggers erotic stimuli. Emotional responses triggered by our brains are one key element of arousals and its strength. Strains are herbs that supposedly have many medicinal effects such as an increase in appetite, pain relief, muscle relaxations, lower anxiety, and increased erotic stimuli. Strains are of various types inclusive of Sativa Indica, and Ruderalis. Strains can be utilized in various ways and have various means of consumption. The mean of consumption includes smoking, vaporizers, tinctures, oil extracts, and edibles. The effect of strains varies from person to person and also dependent on the quality of the product. Legality of the strains are accepted and challenged in various regions. There is a variety of organic and synthetic strains available around the globe. 

Best Strains For Sex

"one on one marijuana nug"

One on one is a unique hybrid of indica and sativa herbal genetics. One on one being a crossbreed of amnesia haze high CBD landrace brings the user with unique erotic experiences. One on one is named after its ratio of CBD and THC levels. THC ratio provides psychoactive sensations. One on one often is translated as controlled euphoria. The ratio of THC in one on one triggers muscle spasticity and increased heart rate. One on one provides blissful relations and motivates positivity. Arousal is encountered mostly because of a peaceful mental and relaxed anatomical state. One on one is a compound that brings you adequate mental and physical relations.

"green goddess weed online"

Green Goddess is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a fruity flavor and aromatic aroma. It contains psycho activity of 12 to 20 percent THC levels. It highly encourages free-associative thinking or getting into the zone for a singular task. Holistic relaxing vibes highly increase the probability of getting and keeping an erotic arousal. As it focuses the user on a singular task more apparent if the desire is arousal this compound is the way to go. This gives the user with tingly anatomical high and a faster processing brain focused on an urge or a desire. If an individual wants to encounter arousal whether private or with partner this strain brings you the most creative ways of pleasure.     

"Grandaddy purple weed strain with a white background"

Grand daddy purple is an indica dominant hybrid of purple urkle and big bud and widely known for its arousing properties. The color itself is a unique blend but also brings a variety of effects to users. The users always have sedated and relaxed sensations and highly motivate arousals. This stain hit the brain and the body at the same time but gradually fades off as smooth physical buzz. A fusion of euphoria and anatomical relaxations bringing better arousal is what a user should expect from this strain. Strong and extremely arousing is the testimonial by many users.

"alice in wonderland weed strain"

Alice in Wonderland is a Sativa herb. It has a euphoric cerebral effect and it brings high sensory responses. As mentioned it triggers high sensory response and hence improves relaxation and uplifting. It brings you a lot of confidence and focus. The action and reaction response of the usage is dependent upon the level of users. As it is directly relational to sensory responses it usually increases external erotic stimuli. Acquiring an arousal and retaining it according to the user urge is significantly high with this compound. Whether you are in-door or out-door this strain has the same effect it keeps you relaxed and energetic at the same time.   

"yum weed strain"

Yum is indica herb and widely known as a cuddle compound. Yum-boldt is a smooth and mellow excitement and keeps you erotically active. It has a very unique aroma and its aroma itself is a one-key essence of this strain. Yum enables you to gain physical and urges and to retain it. The best part of the strain is the after effect and which is a good smooth sleep after being optimistically active. It is known as a cuddle compound most rightly so as it gives you warm and cuddly feelings. So for a female to have better arousal this strain can best use over a weekend for erotic pleasures and drifting to a night of good sleep.  

"Northern Lights Weed Picture"

Atomic northern light is a hybrid of Afghani indica and Thai haze. Exactly as the name depicts it fades off the negativity and triggers optimism. It keeps you subtle and engages you socially. It’s high which keeps you chill and warm at the same time. This is one of a kind hybrid which triggers internal and external excitements in an individual. High in THC it encourages better muscle relaxation and blood flow. Consumption of this compound brings you in a very chilled out state where you leap towards positivity and happiness. This is a good substance to increase the quality of arousal as arousals are directly propositional to our physiological and emotional states. This strain is often described as the best for erotic highs and relaxation.

"Asian fantasy strain review"

Asian Fantasy is a sativa herb and very rare to find. The strains smell so good that often is described as fragrance. This strain provides users with an energetic composure with the smell of apple and cheese. A combination of a fragrant smell and a spicy taste brings in the vibes of liberty and self-exploration. A southeastern native sativa has medicinal and sensual effects over the user and it is directly propositional to the dosage and user intake patterns.  

"picture of chocolate chunk weed strain"

Chocolate chunk is the indica genetic strain best of special accessions. A nutty flavor and earthy fragrance is best used in valentine days or special dates. This has provided users with great results with lesser delusional but with greater erotic experience. This is a special night treat and the best part is the sleep which one attains after all the physical and emotional activities.

"picture of hindu skunk weed"

Hindu skunk is an indica dominant hybrid. THC level measuring up to 23 percent brings users with a highly relaxed euphoric trip. This compound has therapeutic sedation and provides users with mood elevation. The strain may not be very popular in context to the aroma but the effect of the intake is much quick and lasting. This strain has an earthy aroma but it triggers erotic senses and directs the user to a zone and gradually decreasing the effect. This is a great choice of strain for females if one is looking for strong arousals for an adequate period.

"train wreck weed"

Train wreck is a hybrid sativa and has a mind bending effect as most clearly depicted in the name of the compound. This strain has an extremely euphoric and happy effect with a great sense of uplifting. This is one of the best strains to achieve exciting and sensual erotic experience. It provides the user with cerebral high and enhances sensations. This strain may cause dizziness if the dosage is not controlled.



Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer is a strain flower vaporizer. Two to three drops of this certain vaporizer start with a mild sensation and gradually moves towards strong arousal and bonded sensations. The dosage should be kept low if the intent is to have a pleasing sensual experience. 


"velvet swing marijuana lube"

Velvet swing lube is which is soluble in water containing CBD and THC. It may not give highs but it is extremely effective for increasing blood flow and orgasmic potential. It’s an intercourse friendly formula for both males and females and it is highly effective in achieving better mental and physical sensations. 


Terra blueberry bites is a 5mg bite of pure sensation and full of sensual surprises. Fusion of grounded blueberry, powdered cocoa and delicious kiva milk chocolate brings the sensory system to another level of excitement. The unique taste and pleasant fragrance of the product along right level of sedation brings exciting arousals and effects. 

Dixie mint is a fusion of Peppermint oil, ashwagandha, and extracted THC. This fusion of simple ingredients brings a user a modest level of high and keeps it fresh. A bite size portion is highly unique and is very effective to keep a fresh sense of sensation.

High Love by 1906 is an edible chocolate with controlled scale of strain and specific plant ingredients with aphrodisiac attributes. This product is highly effective for arousals regardless of gender. The controlled dosage of strain keeps your sensual experiences in control and according to the desire of the users. Mild chocolate aroma with the controlled dosage of THC and specific plant-based ingredient brings a diverse range of sensations. 



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