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What is Shatter and How to Smoke Shatter?

There is no end to creative lengths people go to consume the cannabis herb. With the legalization of cannabis throughout the world esp. the US and Canada, it’s welcome news for people who love to obtain the high from cannabis without the lingering thought of the authorities coming down on them. Shatter is an evolving trend due to its efficiency in delivering cannabis compounds such as THC and CBD for recreational and medical usage.

Today, various forms of dabs are available in the market such as oils, budder, and shatter. The name shatter is derived from the final product which when cooled appears as glass and literally shatters when dropped. Among all the various forms of concentrates, the shatter is the most potent with some products containing up to 92% THC. Compared to the cannabis flower that contains an average of 15-25% THC, shatters have an astounding amount. If you are not too into reading this article but simply want to try out some great shatter for yourself visit our phyto shatter page to get some high quality cheap shatter.

What is Shatter?

The shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate with an astonishing amount of THC (the cannabis compound responsible for the high). At first look and in its natural form, the shatter appears as honey due to its color and texture. When cooled, its resemblance to glass is uncanny. The extraction process to obtain the shatter includes running a solvent – propane, butane, or carbon dioxide – through the cannabis flower to extract the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Then the solvents are evaporated to obtain the remaining resin. Shatter differ from other extracts as they go through an extra process of filtration to remove all the naturally occurring waxes in the cannabis plant. Butane is the most popular chemical used to make shatter.

Compared to the traditional form of cannabis use, the shatter is expensive and only for users who are really serious. A specialized apparatus is required to consume the shatter called a “rig.” This equipment allows the user to heat the ball of shatter to 575-625 degrees, the result is instantaneous evaporation of the shatter.

In most places where weed is legal, the shatter enjoys the same status. However, experts warn inexperienced users to stay away from the extract. Although, there is no report of people dying from the shatter and astounding amount of THC can cause some problems. Nevertheless, experienced users cannot get enough of the shatter.    

Shatter will provide you with a very powerful high that may make you very energetic, if you are looking to sit back and relax check out our mota edibles review to see some of the best edibles that you can order from an online mail order marijuana service.

How to Consume Shatter?

"A dab rig which is a bong like mechanism which allows you to smoke shatter concentrate"

Although rigs are the most popular and recommended device for consuming the shatter, there are various other ways users prefer to use the shatter. Depending on the method of consumption, the experience of the shatter may vary. Regardless, the outcome is similar, a high that you have never experienced before. A completely elated feeling that weaves a world of its own. While using the shatter, you only require a small amount, which can be easily broken with the fingers.

A dab rig or oil rig is available from $100-200 a piece. This device is similar to a bong but with a metal nail and a blow torch. It’s designed to heat the cannabis concentrate to extreme lengths and obtain the maximum potential of the shatter.

Using the dab rig is no rocket science, place a small amount of the shatter to the nail and light it with the help of the blow torch, inhale and be ready to receive an extremely potent hit. The effects of the shatter can last for hours. Depending on the strain you choose, the high and taste of the shatter can vary. A poorly created shatter can have a taste of butane, but most popular products in the market eliminate that.

Some more recent equipment that allows you to smoke the shatter is a vaporizer or vape pen. It’s essential that the vape pen is designed for shatters. Some shatter producers provide pens as well, so they may be a good choice. Vape pens have an interchangeable shatter designed for concentrates. They allow you to add the shatter, heat it, and inhale the concentrate.

The vape pen is not the best way to smoke the shatter, but it gets the job done. Apart from these methods, you can also smoke the shatter with a joint. When rolling the joint, crush the shatter to make it minute and sprinkle evenly across the joint. Roll the joint and smoke it like a regular weed. This will create a potent drag. The same applies to the rig as well, combining the regular weed with shatter will deliver a much higher amount of THC. However, in our experience, the all-round experience is even better. Remember though, only using shatter in the roll, pipe, or bong will not work. It needs to be added with the weed.           

How is Shatter Made?

The shatter made industrially uses a wide range of recipes. Regardless, making shatter can be dangerous due to the use of a highly flammable solvent such as butane. We recommend that you make the shatter using kief, which is a less dangerous way, yet helps you make a potent concentrate. Kief is the powdery substance that accumulates at the bottom of the grinder.

Here are some ingredients you require the make the shatter from Kief.

  • Kief
  • Wax paper
  • A hair straightener
  • And oven gloves for precaution.

Instructions to Make the Shatter from Kief

  1. Place the kief in a wax paper in a neat square shape.
  2. Fold the kief in the wax paper from all sides, cut off the extra paper. The aim here is to completely cover the kief with the wax paper but not to have any excess paper. Once you have the perfect square-shaped wax paper encapsulating the kief, take another wax paper and wrap the square of kief. You only need to fold the new paper once and place the square paper in it.
  3. Switch on the hair straightener and let it heat up for a few minutes over the minimum settings.
  4. Place the square shape or the kief part of the paper under the hair straightener and press down for 10 seconds. Use an oven glove if there is a risk of burning your hand.
  5. Remove the paper and open it. You will observe a honey color substance on the edges of the paper, that’s shatter for you.
  6. But wait, that’s not all the shatter you can get from the kief. Remove the kief from the paper and repeat the steps, you will get more shatter.

This is how you safely make shatter without the use of industrial chemicals and it’s probably the healthiest as there is no residue of butane. 

Alternative Concentrate to Shatter

"A couple grams of hash laid out on a table next to a penny for scale"

When we consider concentrates, shatter is one of the best, but it’s not the only option. If for any reason you want to opt for other types of concentrates, the options available to you are:

  • Hash – This is another popular type of concentrate made from compressing the resin. It usually comes in the form of a brick which can be broken apart and used in dab rigs, vaporizers or even your joints!
  • Tincture – Tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts. Traditionally, the tincture was how weed was consumed in the US and Canada.
  • Kief – This is the dust on the cannabis flower. When you grind the cannabis, it accumulates at the bottom of the grinder. It’s the purest source of THC available without any processing.
  • Oils – Another popular form of cannabis concentrates is cannabis oils. It’s widely available and the cannabinoids are extracted using an oil base.
  • Wax – The wax is another potent form of cannabis concentrates. Next to the shatter, cannabis wax is the most popular form of concentrate. As the name suggests, it’s a waxy substance obtained from processing the cannabis flower.
"Kief sitting in the bottom of a grinder which catches the kief"

Are Shatters Safe?

The first question that aspiring users ask is if the shatter is safe. The cannabis world is highly controversial with a variety of opinions. While some users are thrilled about a new way of obtaining the high, others remain cautious due to the high potency of the shatter.

The primary concern remains the use of chemical butane to produce the concentrate. Nevertheless, most of the reputed shatter sellers conduct lab tests to ensure all the products available to customers have passed a strict quality check.

That being said, the shatter is not recommended for users who have a low tolerance level or are new to the herb. The high THC level of shatter makes it the most potent product of the cannabis flower. Most products offer a THC level above 80%, that’s 5 times higher than the THC content in the normal weed.

Although there have been no reported deaths from shatter, the high can be overwhelming for new users. On the other hand, experienced users or users with a high-tolerance level should not miss out on trying the shatter. It offers the purest experience that any marijuana lover should not miss.


Shatter is the best form of cannabis concentrate. With such a high amount of THC, the shatter is highly recommended for medical and recreational use. With the legalization of cannabis, shatter is quickly becoming a trend with users preferring it over traditional marijuana.        

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