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Online Marijuana Sweet Island Skunk Strain Review, Island Sweet Skunk Strain Sativa Review

Goldbuds online weed reviews are what you probably look out for when it comes to buying weed online in Canada. With our enormous online weed store you probably need some help when choosing what kush to buy online! If you trust us and want to take our word for the sweet island skunk strain you can purchase it right away or continue to read this article.

Sweet Island Skunk Strain Review

One nug of sweet island skunk

Sweet Island Skunk is also known by other names such as Island Sweet Skunk Strain, or ISS is a widely grown plant in Canada. It has been grown in Vancouver Island in British Columbia for the past several decades. In 2013, the Nirvana’s version of the Sweet Island strain made the list of the top 10 cannabis strains in Canada. It also won the prestigious Treating Yourself Medical Marijuana Cup in 2012.

This strain is popular due to its energetic effects that users enjoy. The Sativa dominant strain holds its nature with a sweet skunk and a fruity aroma. Users of the Sweet Island strain report the tropical fruity flavour to be close to grapefruit.

This is a high-yield strain with a tall and straight plant. This strain tilts towards the high-CBD strains making it useful for its medicinal properties. The buds have a variety of colours with highlighted yellow-orange hairs. The flowering in the Island Sweet Skunk Stain occurs between 7 to 8 weeks. Sweet Island Skunk plant delivers the best quality yield during the 5th week of harvest.

This strain provides an energizing effect with head high. The average THC level in the plant is 17%. This is a daytime medication with a wide range of medicinal benefits.

The Appearance of Sweet Island Skunk

Zoomed in shot of a nug of sweet island skunk strain showing its many crystals and orange hairs

The Sweet Island Skunk is one of the beauties of the cannabis world. At 5 weeks, the buds are at the pinnacle of beauty with round, wintergreen buds sprinkled with bright-yellow pistils and a light tone of trichomes layer.     

Aroma and Flavor

The Island Sweet Skunk Strain has a sweet citrusy smell with an undertone of skunk. Some users also report it to be fruity. Three tastes primarily dominate the Sativa strain – skunk, sweet, and fruity. This is an exceptionally tasty strain due to its high-potency and the flavours. The best way to enjoy the flavours of Sweet Island Skunk is through a flower vaporizer. However, some users also report the strain to be a little harsh during inhale, another reason to use a vaporizer instead of a bong or joint. 

THC Level and High

The high of the Sweet Island Skunk is described by users as energetic and up lifting. It makes the user want to perform activities such as their favourite hobbies, going places, and social events. The strain has minimal anxiety which makes you want to talk to people. It enhances the experience of whatever you do while keeping the mind clear.

Although a Sativa, the average THC of the Island Sweet Skunk Strain is higher than any Sativa at 14.5%; however, some stronger phenotypes also record a THC of 19%. This is not the strongest THC of the various strains available but quite potent.

Medical Usage of Sweet Island Skunk

A pure Sativa, the Island Sweet Skunk Strain has a lot of medicinal properties. It’s award in 2012 as the best medicinal cannabis is a clear indication. This is the perfect daytime medication to treat ailments such as appetite loss, mild aches, nausea, and arthritis. The unique high of the Sweet Island Skunk Strain is a catalyst to provide a good mood that can successfully treat depression, stress, and anxiety. After consuming this cannabis, users feel focused and creative. You can also use the strain to treat nerve pain, migraines, and fatigue. 

Side Effects Of Skunk Strain

The side-effects like all other strains depend on a variety of factors from the method of consumption, the tolerance level, and the amount of weed. It also depends on the phenotype you chose to use. Regardless, the common side-effects of the Sweet Island Skunk include dry mouth, paranoid, anxious, dry eyes, and dizzy. Although the THC level of the strain is moderate, we do not recommend this strain to beginners or people with a low tolerance level.

Tips to Grow Sweet Island

The Island Sweet Skunk Strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor growth. Like most Sativa, the Sweet Skunk also reacts well to green techniques. When grown indoors, a carbon filer would be required to minimize the excessive smell.

Our Summary Of Sweet Island Skunk Strain

Sweet Island Skunk is one of the best strains to be had in Canada. It is widely available and can be consumed in all forms. The THC level of the Sativa strain can vary across phenotypes from 14.5% – 19% THC. Suitable for medicinal use, Sweet Island can treat mild pains, appetite loss, mild aches, nausea, arthritis, depression, stress and anxiety, nerve pain, migraines, and fatigue. Growing the plant is easy and you derive a good yield stating the 5th week. This strain is definitely a powerful strain but for smokers who have an incredibly high tolerance we recommend checking out shatter as it may help you get the high you are looking for. We reviewed out top 5 shatter companies reviews that you can try out today! 

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