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Molly's No-Bake Peanut Butter Canna-Bites

Molly’s No-Bake Peanut Butter Canna-Bites

I pride myself on being a fairly waste-not-want-not person.  I like to reuse, regrow, repurpose, or redistribute any time I can.  After many months’ batches of oil, I had quite a collection of little balls of cheesecloth filled with oily plant material.  Each had a different shade based on leaf to bud content or time in the oven decarboxylating.  I decided to practice some alchemy. Alchemy, noun:  “a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of… Read More...

DIY Cannabis Skin Cream~ Enemy to Skin Inflammation

  The numbing power of THC has been a part of my skin care arsenal for a few years now.  It’s incredible how quickly this cream relieves the sting of painful cuts and the ache of sore muscles.  For many of us our emotions are linked to the health of our skin.  Stress or emotional experiences can bring on irritating rashes that itch and all it takes is one minuscule tear in the skin’s epidermis for infection to occur. This happened… Read More...
Berry Passion Fruit Yogurt Pots

Barb’s Crunchy Canna-Yogurt Parfait

Good memories of active lives are what many a senior can boast. But physical activity catches up to us and the wear and tear on our joints is a major draw-back to this aging thing! We ache when we move, we ache when we don’t move. And the pills they prescribe only do so much. When the side effects from the ineffective medication starts getting old, many people look to other ways to kill the pain.  At least that was… Read More...
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