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DIY Cannabis Skin Cream~ Enemy to Skin Inflammation

  The numbing power of THC has been a part of my skin care arsenal for a few years now.  It’s incredible how quickly this cream relieves the sting of painful cuts and the ache of sore muscles.  For many of us our emotions are linked to the health of our skin.  Stress or emotional experiences can bring on irritating rashes that itch and all it takes is one minuscule tear in the skin’s epidermis for infection to occur. This happened to a woman I know.  Her rash always erupts on her ‘decolletage’ or chest/neckline. It’s a good thing frilly scarves are in style right now.  Within days she had itched so much while she slept that she was red, sore, itchy, and bumpy from throat to nipple. People who’ve worked with me can attest I’m one to whip out my own homemade meds.  In this case, I had some homemade Cannabis oil made with a high CBD strain in coconut oil that I told her to use over the weekend. On Monday she reported that the oil didn’t help the rash, though it made her skin soft.  So I decided to do an experiment.  That night I made a small batch of Coconut Cannabis oil with a moderate 16% THC Cannabis strain, and gave a small jar to the same woman.  After straining, I added a small chunk of Beeswax to make it a nice creamy consistency.  I’ll add a nice aromatic oil of lavender or rose to future creams but didn’t have any on hand at the time.

Within moments of applying this cream, my friend sat in awe of the total lack of irritation she felt. The Beeswax made it stay in place and kept it from rubbing off on her shirt.  She applied it several more times over the next day and was almost completely healed within three days. What’s even more encouraging is the fact that the texture of her decolletage, that ultra-feminine part of the female physique was now smoother, softer, and younger-looking than before.  This irritation had created a dry, almost scaley film on her skin that was nowhere to be seen or felt now.  Not only did the cannabinoids ease and heal her inflammation, but the idea that the cells themselves may potentially be invigorated and made more youthful is exciting. If you’re like the thousands of people who suffer from rashes, psoriasis, eczema and other skin issues, you should make a small batch of this cream.  The results are truly amazing and yet not surprising since cannabinoids are showing in studies to kill antibiotic resistant infections like MRSA.  Soon, Dr. Mechoulam and his awesome Israeli research team will prove that there are cannabinoid receptors in the skin as well as the gut, organs, brain, and bones.  More and more I see that our body craves cannabinoids.  This plant just does a body good! Cannabis Oil today … Cannabis Skin Care lines tomorow!  I say make your own 🙂

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