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Gold Buds Featured Strains Of November 2019, Best Marijuana Strains Online

At Gold-buds we really care that our buyers are well educated on what they are buying and that they truly enjoy their experience on our website and with our high quality products. Because we want you to be well informed on what strains and products we continually add to our inventory we have decided to develop a monthly blog. These monthly blogs will cover all the new product we add to our inventory, whether its CBD tinctures, new strains, concentrates or edibles you can be sure to visit our monthly blogs to keep informed on what would be the best fit for you. This blog was ultimately developed to ensure that our customers do not purchase second grade weed that they do not know what do with, if you do find yourself wondering what to do with second grade weed check out our article! Our featured items for the duration of November are all new strains that we have restocked in our inventory due to the high demand for them. It doesn’t matter If you have been smoking marijuana for a long time or short time we are sure that you have heard of many of these strains before. The article is written with the strains highest in THC from the top to the bottom, enjoy the read!

Purple God – Hybrid Indica Dominant – 31 % THC

"Purple God weed effects" Purple God is considered to be a top shelf indica strain that provides you with a kick that leaves you feeling euphoric. The strain is well recognized for the strong body high it brings on while also providing a spiritual uplift, you can expect to feel incredibly relaxed and slightly hazed when smoking this bud. Using the Purple God strain to help slow you down to get some sleep at night or to simply relax is a common use for this bud If you take a closer look at the bud you will notice a few qualities which help this bud stand apart from other strains, Purple God is without a surprise purple and loaded with frosty white THC crystals when it is cultivated in the right way. When you may have heard Snoop Dog say he wants that “real sticky icky” he was probably referring to this bud because it is near impossible to touch this bud without getting your hands sticky. When smoking this bud you can expect to have flavours that are earthy, sweet and a slight berry taste. You can buy Purple God Here.  

Jackfruit Hybrid – Hybrid Sativa Dominant – 20-28% THC

"Jack fruit hybrid weed effects" Jackfruit Hybrid is not as well known of a strain when compared to its parent strains, Jackfruit Hybrid was created when a cross between Juicy Fruit X was combined with Jack Herer. The other reason why jackfruit hybrid is not as well known is due to the fact that this strain is very rare to come across. A sweet flavour combined with a tropical fruity flavour can be expected when you smoke this bud, some users have even reported tasting a sweet mango taste after smoking this bud, the smoke from this bud will leave a musky earthy smell in the air. This bud provides a extremely uplifting high which will leave you feeling happy while also providing a relaxing body high. These effects will be very effective in providing you with pain relief, getting creative or helping you feel more euphoric. Finding this strain whether its online can be very challenging as not many people have access to it, on our website it can be picked up for $7 which is an excellent price for such a potent and rare marijuana strain. Buy some Jackfruit hybrid while you can!

Death Bubba – Hybrid Indica Dominant – 27% THC

"death bubba kush recreational effects" Death Bubba originates from Vancouver BC, Matteo Suleyman from Sea to Sky created this strain by mixing it with Death Star and Bubba Kush, This amazing mix of strains led to the creation of Death Bubba which has a 70/30 ratio with indica being the dominant property. The rough average THC for Death Bubba falls around 27%. This strain has commonly been used to battle depression and stress because it is effective in sedating and stimulating your mood to help give you euphoric boosts combined with a relaxed effect that you deserve. It doesn’t stop there since Death Bubba is such a powerful sedative it is incredibly effective when dealing with chronic pain as well. Be aware that when smoking this strain you may experience strong couch lock as well as munchies, many users of the Death Bubba strain have mentioned that it is excellent to calm them down bur can push you over the edge and keep you stuck to your couch for the next 3-4 hours. We aren’t sure about you but we could definitely use some death bubba, if you feel the same way check it out by clicking here

King Tut – Sativa – 26% THC

"infographic about king tut weed showing that it makes you euphoric" King tut is a sativa dominant strain and can sometimes go by the name of Tutankhamon. It should come as no surprise that this strain was named after the powerful pharaoh who was probably the most well known leader of Egypt. Just like the pharaoh this strain is incredibly hard to come by, if you have the chance to get a hold of this sativa dominant bud you should take the opportunity right away! Users of the King Tut strain have reported experiencing an energetic high that is excellent for activities that require you to get out and about or if you are looking at combatting depression or any introvert issues you may be having. The parent strain of King Tut is AK-47 and that is where you may have probably recognized the skunky smell. If you are debating this strain all we have to say at Goldbuds is that this strain is worthy of a king, so why not give it a shot by buying some king tut today?

Lindsay OG – Hybrid Indica Dominant – 24% THC

"Lindsay OG weed effects on user" Can you guess where this strain earned its name from? You are probably thinking that the grower was named Lindsay or something along those lines, don’t worry we originally thought that too. This strain actually earned its name from where it originated, the strain was birthed in its hometown of Lindsay, Ontario. Lindsay OG has a lot of history in Canada, it was originally grown from Chad Jackkett’s crew in BC roughly 10 years ago and since then has been continually worked on and refined. The Lindsay OG strain was entered into several contests and has been awarded 2nd amongst the finest strains in BC. If your looking to smoke some weed for your stress or pain you are looking in the right place, due to Lindsay OG’s high THC this strain is an excellent choice when it comes to relieving headaches, pain or stress. Smoking Lindsay OG will leave help you relax, comedown and feel great in the comfort of your home. This bud is incredibly potent as well as pungent so it is generally a great bud to smoke at home because it will help lock you to your couch, in the case that you do want to take some on an outing with you we do recommend having a tight container to keep that Lindsay OG smell locked in. Before you buy that container be sure to buy some Lindsay OG!

Orange Aid Strain – Sativa – 22% THC

    "a infographic showing the effects of orange aid strain" Orange aid is a strain that was named based off its distinct smell which smells like sweet citrus as well as its unique look, this weed strain is a cross between Super Sour CBD F5 and Agent Orange. If you take a close look at the buds you can see that they are small dense buds that contain a ton of orange hairs which further help show how this strain earned its name. When smoking orange aid strain you can expect to feel uplifted, happy, relaxed and creative. Many people will smoke orange aid strain to help their anxiety, depression and stress. These are common properties of sativa bud. The Orange Aid strain is classified as grade AAAA+ with a THC percentage of 22%. On our website this bud has a rating of 4.5 stars, you can give it a try by viewing our orange aid strain webpage

White Castle – Hybrid Indica Dominant – 19% THC

"the effects of white castle weed" The white castle strain has a lot to live up to because it comes from two very well renowned strains, White Castle is a hybrid and its parent strains are White Widow and the Ice strain. Both of the White Castle parents are award winning strains. Without a surprise the White Castle strain has filled the expectations that were set out for it, it filled the areas in which its parent strains lacked. For example White Widow has been known to be a weak brittle strain and by crossing it with the Ice strain the growers were able to create the White castle strain which has great plant structure. White Castle strain is most often sought out thanks to its powerful effects on any aches and pains you may have, this strain may also be very effective in helping those with anxiety and stress disorders. If you are looking to enjoy your high with this strain you might actually want to buy some white castle strain and take a trip down to the nearest white castle restaurant for a snack!

Red Congolese – Sativa – 18-20% THC

"the effects of red congolese weeds recreationally" Red Congolese is probably the strain with the coolest name on this list of featured marijuana strains. This strain is 100% sativa and is known to have a THC percentage between 18-20% and has won awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain gets its name from its incredible look which actually makes the nug look fiery red with orange hairs, the bud tastes like berries and has an amazing smell of fruit. Just take a look at the amazing picture of the bud and we are sure that you will be placing an order because of how unique this bud looks when compared to any of the bud you have smoked in the past. Users of the Red Congolese strain have reported that it is hood at treating anxiety disorders, stress and fatigue. The strain will help provide you with a high that will leave you aware and focused. Using this strain when you have a packed day of social events ahead of you would be ideal thanks to the properties that previous users have pointed out about this strain. Be sure to buy some red congolese strain because it will definitely sell out very quickly!

RockStar – Hybrid – 17.5% THC

"infographic showing rockstar weed strain effects" Ironically this strain is named a rockstar but contrasts the lifestyle of a rockstar, this strain is an indica dominant hybrid which is a cross between Rockbud and Sensistar. When you smoke the rockstar strain you will find that it is excellent for pain, headaches and sleep disorders. Rockstar will leave you with a powerful body high combined with cerebral effects. Don’t be fooled by the strains 17.5% THC, this strain definitely packs a punch and it took a second place award home at the High Times Cannabis Cup, beginner smokers should be careful to not smoke too much of this bud because they may under estimate it due to its lower THC rating. Based on its indica dominant properties you may have also guessed that this strain is best to smoke just before bed or when you intend on spending the day at home. Get some rockstar kush because you deserve a day off, you can see if its in stock by clicking here!

Apricot Kush – Hybrid

"the effects of apricot Kush" This hybrid strain is a huge hit across the board on many online dispensaries in Canada, the reason Apricot Kush online is a massive hit is because it is cheap and very potent so you can be sure to have a good time with this strain. Apricot Kush falls under BC Bud strains that are grown outdoors or within a greenhouse, a common misconception is that strains grown in these conditions are not as potent but you can be sure that Apricot Kush does not fall in this category. This Kush strain is well recognized and known for being incredibly potent and cheap. Some qualities of the strain that make it a big hit are its great taste, wonderful aroma that smells like fruit and its hard to miss the heavily coated resin all over the bud. This bud is known for providing an intense high which will help give you an energetic high that will leave you feeling euphoric and then finishing off with a body high. You can use this strain for pain relief, stress related issues or for improving your appetite. Apricot Kush has also been noted to be an excellent bronchodilator which in simple words means it can help relive any breathing issues that you may have. Apricot Kush is marked at a grade of A and retails on our website for $5, it is a great strain for anyone who is on a budget and looking to get some incredible bud. If you looking to get some great kush for cheap view the apricot kush webpage.

That’s It For November 2019’s Featured Buds

We hope that you enjoyed this article that dove into detail of which buds we are going to be featuring during the month of November, be sure to try out these strains as they will be restocking soon and definitely wont last too long because they are some of our best sellers. If you have any questions about any of the buds or have any buds that you would like us to write a review about  please get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help out.        

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