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Bongs & Things – Smoking Essentials

Alright your cannabis has arrived in the mail and your ready to smoke, but what do you smoke with!? If you’re a chronic stoner that’s a silly question but for somebody who is new to recreational or medical cannabis you might not know all the ways you can smoke and all the funky devices that come along with smoking. Everybody should have a stash box with the basics in it. Also, to keep your bud, shatter and maybe even edibles away from children and pets. Some of the basics in your stash box should be a grinder, or a buster to break apart your cannabis. A heating element, a lighter, lighters are great and super handy – always remember stoner etiquette never pocket your friends’ lighters- but sometimes your able to taste the butane after your hit leaving a bit of a chemically taste to your toke. Many people are also worried about long-term health risks of consuming too much residual butane. Leading us to our options matches or even a hemp wick, hemp wick is string made from hemp and covered in wax (typically beeswax) light the tip of the string with a lighter, match or what I like to do is use the candle flame. When you light your bowl with hemp wick you get a slower even burn. hemp wick is great because you don’t taste the butane from your lighter giving it a cleaner and more flavourful taste. Depending on how you like to smoke you should either have rolling papers or a little glass or metal pipe in your weed box as well. If you are smoking a bowl, either a pipe bowl or a bong bowl. I recommend you have a screen to prevent ash getting in your mouth from a pipe bowl or getting ash into the bong water, also when you don’t have a screen on you don’t always get an even burn on your hit and end up with green bud left in your bong water. Screens should sit perfectly in the bowl. You can get screens made from glass, stainless steel, brass. But if you don’t have a screen available a little trick that will help if you can use the steam from your bud, a small dry pebble (when I’ve used a little rock, I like to rub it down with rubbing alcohol first and then rinse it with hot water, but that’s just me). Of course, the last thing in your stash box should be your ganja! So, lets talk about pipes! Pipes have been around for years and originally used with tobacco, cannabis pipes just adapted this popular way of smoking. The key parts of a pipe are the bowl – this is where you pack your busted up flower- some pipes have shotguns, chokes or carbs, this is a small hole on the side of the bowl for airflow, and of course the mouth piece. Pipes traditionally were made from wood and ceramics. A lot of pipes today still are made from the same materials, but hand-blown glass pipes have been very popular coming in many sizes and fun colors. If you don’t have a pipe you can always try to make one! As crazy as that sounds but if your “pipe” has a bowl deep enough to pack bud into it a mouth piece and an air tight channel from the bowl to your face then it can be a pipe. If smoking is new to you, I recommend you smoke out of a pipe. This is a great place to start. Some pipes also know as bubblers use water to help filter the smoke, delivering a cleaner smoother hit. Now grind up your favourite bud, pack a bowl and light it on fire, don’t forget to inhale slowly if this is your first-time smoking, enjoy! Talking about water, the next smoking device, that I personally love is a good old bong!  Bongs are like pipes but bigger and can look very intimidating if you don’t know what your doing. I remember the first time I took a bong hit, it was embarrassing cause I coughed into it and water spilled all over my cat. But that’s another story! Just like the pipe there is a mouth piece and a bowl. What’s different about this bowl is you will pull it out to clear your toke, after you light the bowl and slowly inhale you can pull the bowl out of the down stem and clear the smoke from the chamber of the bong (the base and neck of the bong). There is water at the bottom of the bong to help filter and cool down the smoke making it a smoother hit. Bongs can come in a crazy selection of 5-foot ones to ones the same size as a large coffee. You can get bongs with extra chambers for smoother bigger tokes, ones with ice catchers in them, with these you can toss in a few ice cubes into the chamber and it helps cool the smoke. Perfect for summer days! bongs can be made from glass, plastic, silicone and sometimes ceramics. Defiantly check out your closets bong, or smoke shop to just look at all the different options. Papers are also a super easy way to smoke. Rolling papers for joints come in all kinds of flavours and sizes, don’t forget about blunt wraps! My favourite is the natural juicy jay hemp wraps we have, the best flavour in my opinion is the mango one. Papers are so versatile you can roll a few joints and be on your day light up where its legal to smoke and enjoy. A few other ways people like to smoke is making little fruit pipes or one time use pipes. Like earlier if it has those few essentials, mouth piece air tight chamber and bowl it can be a pipe. Letting your little creative stoner mind run wild with the idea. Some people also like to use a hookah, which is like a water bong, it has a base and chamber with water in it and it has any where from 1 to 4 hoses with mouth pieces on the end and at the top of the hookah is a bowl with a hot coal on top of it. Some people like to smoke their shisha (this is a type of flavoured tobacco that is traditionally smoked out of a hookah) with a bit of there flower because the cannabis will burn faster then the shisha tobacco people like to sandwich the weed between the tobacco. This isn’t a very common way to smoke but non the less it is a way. Hand held vape pens are becoming very popular with the chronic consumers. Vaporizers keeps the perfect temperature to extract the THC and CBD and other rad cannabinoids, but the temperature is low enough to not realise the harmful toxins and risks that come along with smoking.  Making it a wise choice for patients with compromised lung health. Few hand held vape pens can be filled with cannabis. However, you can get table top vaporizers like the volcano that uses a bowl, a heating element a big plastic nicknamed a lung and a small fan to push the vapour into the bag and then you inhale from the lung. After you’ve ashed the bowl you’ll notice your ground-up bud isn’t ashy black its brown and looks like burnt weed. That’s because the vaporizer keeps a steady temperature to perfectly cook out the THC, CBD and other good guy compounds for you to get the best out of your cannabis. It is becoming more common to see concentrates in hand held vapes, like distillate, shatter and oil or even wax pens. These pens are great because they are small and mobile making it easy to smoke through out the day specially if this is medicine for you, it burns at the perfect temp, its almost odorless or defiantly less dank! As well as you get full control of your dose and hits, for example you have a 1.0ml CBD vape tip on your pen and you feel pain through out the day you are able to take steady tokes when in pain and knowing with in a few minutes you will be relaxed pain free and able to continue the day.   I hope you get a groovy pipe soon! Till then check out our papers and blunt wraps and stay medicated 🙂

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