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Joint Rolling Hacks

When people ask me how I get the perfect fat joint every time I laugh because I can’t roll a joint to save my life. However, I know some sneaky little tricks that have helped me, and I like to share with you guys. But first your joint rolling stash box should have these key essentials. First you need good papers or cones, a weed grinder, filters or clutch, maybe a rolling machine (if you’re awful at rolling like me) a lighter and your flower of choice.  You can buy flavored papers and flavored pre-roll cones, but if your more of a raw earthy kind of guy I would suggest hemp paper or rice papers.You can also buy little glass tips or Raw paper filters. One of the easiest ways to get a nice fatty would be buying pre-rolled cones. This is so easy the cones already have a filter in them and come with a stick to help you pack the ground up bud. After you’ve busted up your bud and it’s in your grinder use the open part of the cone like a shovel and simply scoop up your flower into the cone evenly. Once your cone is full roll up the tip and you’ve got a fat cone! We use pre-rolled cones for the pre-rolled joints we have for sale. Another method that’s very similar to the cone is taking a rolling paper and rolling it around a pencil or a pen, gluing down the edge and slowly pull the paper off the pencil or pen, roll up a little filter and slide it into the butt end of your joint, once your filter is in you can pack it like a cone and use the pencil to gently pack your flower down. You don’t have to use a filter with this method I just prefer my joints to have filters in them. Also, if you want to roll a blunt, the perfect blunt size is a regular sharpie marker just so you know! Or for a fat little cannon of a joint use a regular size rolling paper and wrap it around a sharpie. One very common way is to use a roller or rolling machine. You can get one off the site or almost any bong shop in lots of different kinds, I’ve seen ones that look like a book and little plastic ones like the one we sell. This is so easy you grind up the bud, sprinkle it into the machine add your paper glue side up and spin the little dude and out pops a perfect joint. Maybe try to find a cool Rastafarian friend who can roll and blaze with! practice makes perfect and it will take time to manage your technique, if your squeezing too tight you end up with a pregnant joint. if your not squeezing and rolling just enough you’ll have a hard time getting the paper to roll. a few friends have recommended that i get a few grams bust it, and sit there with a rolling tray, a pack of papers and just keep practicing. ripping the paper open and rolling again and again. ill give it a try! These super easy simple tricks have been helping me for years! Hopefully one day soon I learn to roll until then ill stick to my raw cones! Hope these tricks help you. Stay medicated 😊

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